A family run business for over 40 years!

Brian Llewelyn a’i Ferched are one of the longest established run and owned family Country Stores in West Wales established since 1976. We supply all that you may need in the Countryside!

We are one of the largest stockist of IAE equipment they are the UK’s leading manufacturer of livestock equipment, Cattle Crushes, Cattle Handling and Feeding, Sheep Handling and Feeding, equestrian stabling and a large selection of Galvanised Gates.

We supply Permapost long life fencing for Farm and Garden. Gates Wooden or Galvanised for entrance or field.

We have been selling Permapost Long Life Fencing since 1977, we are a main dealer of IAE, the UK’s leading manufacturer of livestock equipment for over 35yrs, we are one of the first ever appointed dealers for Galebreaker products, we are the largest independent supplier for silage sheets in West Wales. And this is to name just a few of the products we sell.

Who we are ….

Quality has always been of the upmost importance to us as a business, if you sell quality, you will always be known as a quality business, and that is why we only deal with the best in our opinion.

We are old fashioned in our way, is that a bad thing? in our opinion, No.

When you make the enquiry, we do not have an automated service where you press 1, 2, 3, and still get nowhere, when you ring us a person will answer, and most probably that person will be able to answer all the questions you have.

We believe the customer is, and always will be the most important person, because without you, we would not be here.

We strive on giving good honest service, knowing the product that we sell and listening to you the customer.

If we can be of any assistance whatsoever please contact us at any time.



Website: https://www.country-stores.com/

Phone: 01239 891618 or 01239 891376

Email: sales@country-stores.com



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