15m twin tub BvL
-Front right door and two rear corner doors
-Has been through our workshop for an extensive refurb and service
-Auger wear kits done, door surrounds and tub centres relined
-new Wide angle PTO
-Gear oils all changed

Will mix approximately 6,750Kg’s of average TMR, so about 220-250 beef finishers or 135 milkers per load for 24 hours. Will also chop whole bales, straw, roots etc.

Really nice, compact machine. 100Hp tractor would be ideal on front.
This would be an ideal feeder for narrow passages or where you want a nice compact feeder to put the feed out either at the front right, or behind the machine as you drive out. Can feed either side, or both sides at the same time.

£11,500 +VAT