We are a mobile stone crusher hire service in the South Wales area. The stone crusher utilizes a jaw crusher component that can crush material from 150mm to 40mm depending on the client and their requirements.  Whether in use or being transported the stone crusher is tractor driven; this eliminates transport costs and also removes the process of building waste being taken away to be crushed or to be disposed of elsewhere. This also aids in recycling the material to get reusable hard-core, so you can save money on your project and you don’t have a need to buy more.

The stone crusher we offer is highly efficient and has a very high processing rate. This process recycles what you already have on site. This will reduce overall cost, plus it will reduce the impact on the environment, by reusing what you already have.  This creates an environmentally friendly procedure by not taking the material off site.

The stone crusher can crush material from 150mm to 40mm depending on your requirements. The jaw crusher size setting can be adjusted at any time within minutes. The crusher is easily moved around if the stock pile at the rear of the crusher is piling up.  We are available for full and half days, depending on your requirements.

Also the stone crusher has an overband magnet that picks out most metal which helps keep the material free from metallic objects, aiding in reducing stray nails or other metallic objects, which can cause punctures or any other type of damage.

We will also drive the machine at no extra cost.

We are based in Swansea, South Wales. As our machine is mobile; we are able to travel to any site as required.