Profi Plus Specification, Fuel Pre-Filter, 50K, Vario TMS Transmission, Return Port, 4 Elec Spool Valves, 2 Speed PTO, Comfort Front Linkage, Pivoting Front Fenders, Air & Hydraulic Trailer Brakes, Front Axle Suspension

Panorama Visio Plus Cab, Segment Windscreen Wiper, Rear Wiper, Air Conditioning, Comfort Sprung Air Seat, Roof Hatch, Pneumatic Cab Suspension, 10.4” Vario Terminal


In Immaculate Condition Inside and Out

Product Drive: 4WD
Front tyre size: 540/65R28
Horse power: 160
Product Hours: 4,168
Model: 516
Rear tyre size: 650/65R38
Registration: 66
Transmission: Vario
Tyre Wear: R-60% F-50%
Year of manufacture: 2016