Kubota FC4-501

The flagship of the Kubota out-front collection
mower range is the FC4-501. High productivity
with fine cut finish are two of the key features
on offer with this machine. This flagship model
has a high level of comfort as a paramount
requirement. Designed and built to handle long
working days.

The operator‘s platform is a key element for productive work in self propelled mowers. In Kubota‘s FC4-501, it is perfectly adapted to the needs
of the operator, allowing him to operate in a relaxed and comfortable way
even during long working days.

With the large grass collector, you can accomplish an enormous amount.
This is ensured not only by its 1300-litre capacity, but also by several
features that ensure full utilization of the hopper volume, as well as the
unique suction turbine, which ensures a smooth filling