Kubota GR1600 

Side Discharge

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GR-Series ride-on mowers
As your reliable and rugged companion, a GR-Series
ride-on mower guarantees professional lawn care on
every property. The GR 1600 II is most at home on
large plots and always does its work reliably. The GR
1600 ID offers almost unlimited possibilities. It lets you
mow with ease, without the need for time-consuming
blade changes, either with side discharge or using the
effective mulching method. Lawn care with an off-road
feeling comes as standard on the GR 2120. These
mowers let you quickly mow around trees, bushes
and other obstacles without having to perform multiple
manoeuvres. If you want to mulch as well, the GR 2120S
has a mowing deck system with side discharge and an
optional mulching function