A very robust and powerful post driver with fantastic hammer impact, wire rope and side tilt adjustment. Ideal for the farmers and contractors who need more flexibility and to drive larger posts or straining posts.
Hammer height adjustment allows the hammer to travel from ground level to 12″ height without rope adjustment and a high flow valve allows for precise hammer operation. The post cap slides on a static beam for maximum hammer impact. The strong steel wire rope that holds the hammer weight ensures long product life compared to other nylon ropes.
This is a high impact machine that will drive the heaviest of straining and gate posts with ease and can readily be operated by one person.
With easy lever operation the post driver moves smoothly left and right, forward and back, this 360 degree movement makes easy work of placing posts, even on steep inclines and uneven ground.
3 Lever Valve Bank
350 kg Hammer weight with Safety Cage

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