12 x 12 Manual Transmission, High/Low Range Box, Power Shuttle, 40K, 65lpm Open Centre Hydraulics, 2 Manual Spool Valves, Hydraulic Trailer Brakes, CAT 2 Rear Linkage, ELC with Normal Lift Capacity, EIC with Draft Control, Mechanical Push Back Hitch, 540/1000 PTO Speeds, Standard Width Pivoting Front Fenders, 100mm Rear Fender Extensions, Loader Ready

Tele Tilt Steering Column, Radio, Cab Heating, Wide Angle Mirrors, Mechanical Swivel Seat, Aux Seat, Standard Roof, Rear Wiper, Air Conditioning, Beacon


One Local Owner from New, In Good Condition Inside and Out

Product Drive: 4WD
Front tyre size: 340/85R24
Horse power: 90
Product Hours: 1,027
Model: 4709
Rear tyre size: 420/85R34
Registration: 20
Transmission: Manual
Tyre Wear: R-70% F 60%
Year of manufacture: 2020