Dyna 6 Transmission, Efficient Spec, 50kph, Lynx Front Linkage and Front PTO,

Front Suspension, Opti Ride Cab Suspension, 1000/540/540Eco Shiftable PTO,

3 Spool Valves – 2 Finger tips and 1 Manual, CCLS Hydraulics, Load Sensing

Wide Pivoting Front Fenders, Front Links and PTO retrofitted in 2018,

Sold and Serviced by ourselves from New, Farmer Owner Driven From New

Very Tidy Well Maintained tractor,

Product Drive: 4WD
Front tyre size: 540/65R28
Horse power: 180
Product Hours: 5144
Model: 7618
Rear tyre size: 650/65R38
Registration: 14
Transmission: Dyna 6
Tyre Wear: R-30% F-20%
Year of manufacture: 2014