Dyna 6, Efficient Specification, 50K, Autodrive, CCLS Hydraulics, 2 x Electric & 2 x Manual Spool Valves, Power Beyond, Air & Hydraulic Brakes, 4T Front Linkage c/w 1 Spool Valve, Straight Short Bar Axle, 540/540E/1000 RPM PTO, Front Axle Suspension, 2.55m Rear Fenders, Pivoting Front Fenders, Twin Beacons

Active Cab Suspension, Radio, Air Conditioning, Super Delux Air Seat, Aux Seat, Air Conditioning, Multipad


In Good Conditioning Inside and Out

Product Drive: 4WD
Front tyre size: VF 600/60 R30
Horse power: 220
Product Hours: 1,900
Model: 7722S
Rear tyre size: VF 710/60 R42
Registration: 20
Transmission: Dyna 6
Tyre Wear: R-80% F-80%
Year of manufacture: 2020