For the 2010 season, McHale the bale wrapper specialists have introduced a new model, the 991 High Speed, a bale wrapper, which can deliver 50% more output.
The McHale 991 high speed bale wrapper sets the pace for efficient and effective round bale wrapping. The 991 high speed bale wrapper features practical design, quality components and precision engineering making the McHale bale wrapping range the first choice for contractors and farmers.
Sales Manager at McHale – John Biggins said, “Over the last number of years contractors have been asking for a higher output bale wrapper. This demand has come about due to baler output increasing and also the move by some contractors to wrapping bales with six layers instead of four.”
“We have tested the 991 High Speed against the 991BE (a machine which is recognised in the market place as having an output of 60 bales per hour), for the test we made sure that oil flow and table rotations were the same, what we found was the 991 High Speed could wrap 3 bales while the 991BE could wrap two. Therefore it is fair to say that the 991 High Speed has 50% more output or can wrap 3 bales, while a similar single dispenser machine wraps two.
The two 750mm aluminium dispensers maintain a consistent stretch, which maximises film usage. The dispenser units consist of two aluminium rollers, which are geared to each other with robust steel gears of different ratios. The two dispensers on the 991 High Speed are stepped so that there is an overlap where the two sheets of plastic come together.

Lift Arm & Wrapping Table
The lift arm can be activated with the press of a button; this will load the bale and return the lift arm to a position, which is clear of the table before the wrapping cycle starts.
The round bale wrapping table on the 991High Speed round bale wrapper is constructed of four heavy-duty belts, which ensure smooth and even bale rotation even when dealing with loose or asymmetric bales.
A smooth wrapping seal is guaranteed as the machine delivers a 50% overlap. Shear bolt protection ensures that asymmetric shaped bales do not damage the machines gearbox or drive line.

Cut and Tie
The McHale hydraulically operated cut and tie system cuts and holds the film in position ready to wrap the next bale. This time saving device eliminates the need to manually reattach the film.
The McHale cut and tie is designed in such a way that as it gathers the plastic to one point before it is cut, it pulls the plastic against the side of the bale so that tails are minimised from both rolls. 

Quick Fit Dispensers
Film loading is made easy on the machine with the McHale lock and load system. When the operator removes the core of the empty film roll, the top roller locks in the open position, when the new roll is loaded the operator simply pulls the cord, at which point the top roller is released and locks the roll in position.

Damper System
The uniquely designed McHale Patented Bale Damper system is probably one of the most important features of the McHale 991 High Speed Balewrapper. The bale damper system will gently lower the bale to the ground and at the same time eliminate the stress on the chassis of the machine.
When the rotating table stops and is raised to the tip position, the heavy-duty damper raises to cradle the bale, while the second arm is lowered automatically to the ground. This allows the heaviest of bales to be gently lowered, eliminating any damage.

991 High Speed Control Console
The cab mounted control console is the operator’s link to this high output machine.The operator is kept up to date on key machine operations through the graphic display. From the control console, the operator can select;
–         the auto bale load function.
–         the auto bale tip function.
–         the number of film layers to be applied to the bale.
–         single roll bale wrapping mode.
While the 991 High Speed is fully automatic in operation, the operator can select various options depending on ground conditions.

Automatic Film Break Sensors
The 991 High Speed is fitted with film break sensors, which monitor the plastic as it is applied to the bale. Should one roll of plastic break or run out, the machine will detect this and notify the operator through the control box and automatically switch to single dispenser mode. The machine then continues to wrap the bale but slows bale rotation and increases the number of table rotations to compensate for the broken roll. This ensures that bales are always wrapped correctly.

Wrapping with one Roll of film
In either of the following cases;
– you arrive at a job and only one roll of film is supplied
– you are down to your last roll of film
The operator can manually adjust the dispenser post height to its maximum position using the height adjustment handle. When in this position the roll of plastic can be put on the dispenser closest to the tractor, with this dispenser position the plastic will be applied to the centre of the bale to ensure the correct overlap. The operator can then select the “X1” button on the control console and allow the machine to operate as a single dispenser machine.


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