The McHale Fusion 4 Pro  is a fully automatic integrated baler wrapper which is controlled using ISOBUS. The McHale Fusion 4 Pro provides new levels of operator comfort with it’s easy-to-use control system, in-cab net & density adjustment, camera, and faster wrapping speeds along with a host of other new features.
The McHale Fusion 4 Pro uses net to bind the bale in the chamber and features the McHale patented bale transfer and vertical wrapping ring, which are noted for their reliability, speed and positive bale transfer in hilly conditions.
 In-Cab Adjustment
The ISOBUS control terminal allows for bale density to be adjusted from the comfort of the tractor cab. Depending on the crop and conditions, the operator can also adjust the number of layers of net on the control terminal.
 Drop Floor Unblocking
The drop floor unblocking system is fitted with an automatic unblocking function as standard. When connected to an ISOBUS tractor, the Auto Unblock feature lowers the floor when a blockage is detected. Once the operator restarts the PTO and clears the blockage, the drop floor will raise to its original position.

Control Terminals
The McHale Fusion 4 Pro is fitted with ISOBUS as standard. For customers without an ISOBUS tractor, an optional ISO-PLAY 7 or ISO-PLAY 12 terminal can be used. Through the ISOBUS tractor’s terminal or McHale’s ISO-PLAY terminals, the operator is provided with clear indicators of machine performance and allows for increased levels of monitoring, through the graphic display.
Camera Display as Standard
The McHale Fusion 4 Pro comes fitted with a camera as standard to monitor the transfer and wrapping operation at the rear of the machine. When using an ISO-PLAY terminal, this camera automatically displays on the control terminal in the tractor cab when the bale is being transferred to the wrapping table, at the beginning of the wrapping cycle and when the bale is about to be tipped.


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