Nugent F3117S


2020 Built


Led Lights

Inner Lasing Rings



565KG Unladen Weight

In stock and ready for work 

The Nugent Dual Drive™ parabolic suspension system modernises the trailer. Nugent Commercial trailers now feature Dual Drive™ parabolic suspension as standard, overcoming the shortcomings of traditional suspension systems. Inserting a secondary rubber damper between the chassis, along with a unique pivot slipper plate, an additional suspension element ensures springs are fully engaged on compression and rebound cycles to cancel out vibration and reduce suspension chatter. The additional damping effect also reduces stresses on the chassis, body frame, tow couplings and limits shock waves to the vehicle. Nugent’s patented design gives all the advantages of parabolic springs, with the additional benefits associated with suspension axles – in one system. The reduced vibrations ensure that there is much less wear and tear on the chassis, giving the trailer a longer service life and therefore less maintenance costs.