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Coed Agri Trees Planted
COED AGRI: The Year So Far

It’s been an exciting year so far with our CoedAgri scheme. With over 650 trees sent out to our readers and the tree planting season fast approaching, we look back at some of the successful applicants this year!

Coed Agri Jayne James
COED AGRI: Jayne James

Our CoedAgri scheme has been coming on in leaps and bounds with over 650 trees sent out to our readers so far this year! Here’s a photo from another of our successful applicants – Jayne James of Pitch Farm, Hereford who received 50 trees to create a new boundary hedge along the side of her cherry orchard!

Coed Argi Geraint John
COED AGRI: Geraint John

Our CoedAgri tree planting scheme has been running full steam ahead this year, with over 600 trees sent out to our readers already! This month we hear from another one of our successful applicants – Geraint John from Pembrokeshire.