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COED AGRI: The Year So Far

Coed Agri Trees Planted
It’s been an exciting year so far with our CoedAgri scheme. With over 650 trees sent out to our readers and the tree planting season fast approaching, we look back at some of the successful applicants this year!

First, a brief overview of the scheme and our aims: Here at Agri Trader we print over 25,000 copies of our magazines every month. It takes 95 trees to produce that amount of paper, and although the paper we use is FSC certified and sourced from responsibly managed forests, we are committed to going the extra mile to help the environment. If we can give back to our readers in the process, that’s even better!

This is why we launched our CoedAgri scheme, an initiative to distribute 1,200 native trees each year to farms and small holdings across Wales and the border counties.

Without further ado, let’s look back at some of our readers who have taken part, and hear about their experience with the CoedAgri scheme!

Carwyn Farnden from Tegryn planting 10 native trees.

Carwyn Farnden

“We’ve used a stretch of land along the fence and above all, the trees will act as a windbreak and help shelter our farm from the elements.  It’s a great idea – we’ve been wanting to plant trees there for a long time, so this has given us the perfect opportunity.”

Arwel planting trees

Marion & Arwel Howells

“We opted for a mixture of native trees: Blackthorn, Hawthorn, Field Maple, Hornbeam and Crab Apple. The whole process was easy and straightforward, and both Chris, who dealt with our application, and Damian, who delivered the trees, were very friendly and approachable. I would recommend anyone who is thinking about planting trees next winter to apply for the scheme, whether you are after a single tree or a larger quantity. Every tree planted will benefit the environment!  We planted ours on a hedge we had double fenced last year, to re-establish a fully stock proof hedge for the future and are looking forward to seeing them flourish over the next few years. Diolch yn fawr CoedAgri!!”

Adam Cross & Jaxon

Adam Cross & Jaxon

“I read about the scheme in your newsletter and thought it was a great idea.  We are using the trees to restore the tree lines dividing the fields where we have lost a lot of trees due to ash dieback.  I’m hoping to allow these trees to replace the large trees in the lines, and then add to the hedges in years to come, creating more biodiversity across the fields.”

Coed Argi Geraint John

Geraint John

“We recently planted 100 trees from Coed Agri along one of our field boundaries. This will help to create a wildlife corridor at our smallholding Bloomfield Farm in Pembrokeshire. Last year we diversified part of our grassland, mainly used for tack sheep over the winter and silage in the summer, into a small family-run campsite. We had positive feedback from our guests on our ethos of enhancing and protecting nature. These trees will help the environment and increase wildlife at our smallholding long into the future.”

Jay Turrell

Felicity & Jay Turrell

“We received an equal mix of hawthorn, hazel, maple, hornbeam and rowan trees from the CoedAgri scheme to plant along the riverbank on their property to help with erosion.”

If you have a corner of a field, a hedge or riverbank that would benefit from tree planting please get in touch by sending an email to us at with the following information: 

  • Your full name.
  • Address.
  • Telephone number.
  • How many trees you’d like. (Due to high demand, this is limited to 25 per application.)
  • What species you’d like (this can be a mix of any native species).
  • A brief description of where you would be planting the trees. 

All we ask in return is that you send us a few photos of the trees once you’re done planting, along with a little bit about your experience with the CoedAgri scheme to share in our newsletter and on social media.

If your application is successful, we’ll deliver the bare rooted trees to you in the next planting season – starting again in October – along with tree guards, and a tree care guide. 

If you have previously applied, you’re more than welcome to apply again for more trees! All applications large and small will be considered. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch and claim your free trees today!

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