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COED AGRI: Vincenza Deramo

Coed Agri Vincenza Deramo
The CoedAgri scheme has going from strength to strength with over 1,100 trees sent out to our wonderful readers so far this year!

We have now finished our pre Christmas deliveries, but if you’d like to take part in our tree planting initiative, read on below for how to apply for your own trees when we begin sending them out again in the new year!

Here’s a testimonial from one of our recent applicants, Vincenza (pictured above), about her experience with the CoedAgri scheme:

“The trees arrived well packaged, once unwrapped I put the roots in water overnight ready to plant the next day. We decided to plant them in the corner of our field so hopefully they will form a small copse to attract birds and insects. We are in an exposed spot, so we planted them behind a dyke for wind protection. We have no livestock, so they don’t need fencing off, although the field is double fenced with a new hedge in between.

Luckily it was a sunny although chilly day when we planted them and there is also a habitat pile of old logs amongst them for the frogs and toads we have about. Hopefully the trees will blossom and provide food for pollinators too. Thanks to the scheme we have been able to provide a small haven for wildlife.” 

Coed Agri Vincenza Deramo


The aim of our CoedAgri scheme is to help offset the 95 trees worth of paper used in printing all 25,000 copies of the Agri Trader magazine distributed to homes and businesses across Wales and the Border Counties each month. While the paper we use is sustainable and FSC certified, we wanted to go a step further to make a positive impact on the local environment and give back to our readers by sending out over 1,200 native trees free of charge each year. If you’d like to take part, read on to find out how.

To apply, you just need to send an email to with: 

  • Your full name.
  • Address.
  • Telephone number.
  • How many trees you’d like. (Due to high demand, this is limited to 25 per application.)
  • A brief description of where you would be planting the trees. 


All we ask in return is that you send us a few photos of the trees once you’re done planting, along with a little bit about your experience with the CoedAgri scheme to share in our newsletter and on social media, and if you’ve applied successfully in the past you’re welcome to apply for more trees!

If your application is successful, we’ll deliver the bare rooted trees to you in the new year along with tree guards, and a tree care guide. All applications large and small will be considered. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch and claim your free trees today!

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