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The Tallis Amos Group (TAG) is one of the largest and most widely respected John Deere dealerships in the UK. With roots that can be traced back to the late 1800s, farming is our heritage.

What does TAG do?

The Tallis Amos Group has farming roots that can be traced back to the late 1800s. Farming is our heritage, and even today, practical farming is a part of our culture.

Tallis Amos Group Ltd (TAG) have a long-established reputation in supplying and supporting agricultural, turf and residential machinery from a huge array of partners, including: John Deere, Kramer, Pottinger, Sumo, Pichon, Shelbourne Reynolds, SKY Agriculture, Teagle, SUMO, Stihl, Husqvarna and many more. 

At TAG you can be sure to find the best machine for your business, or home, with outstanding backup from our highly skilled and qualified after-sales service, and our extensively stocked parts support team.

With six depots at Evesham, Leominster, Kemble, Narberth, Llanllwni and Allscott and a territory spanning across the West Midlands, Wales and the Cotswolds, TAG is one of the largest John Deere Dealerships in the U.K.

We pride ourselves on having local in-house expertise for all the products we supply. Our knowledgeable sales representatives are always on hand to help you select the best machine for your needs, and our skilled after-sales team are here to provide you with support you need, whenever you need it, wherever you’re working.

Most of our employees come from local farming families, or have agriculture at the heart of their education, with a deep passion for the business and what it stands for. One can safely say that at TAG, we truly have mud on our boots!

How many people are employed by the business?

TAG have an experienced team of 170 committed employees across 6 sites, including:

    • 92 Service technicians,
    • 20 Parts advisors,
    • 36 Sales Area Managers,

Along with dedicated Precision Ag, Administration and Management teams.

When was the business started, and by whom?

Tallis Amos Group (TAG) are one of the oldest John Deere dealerships in the UK with farming roots that can be traced back to the late 1800s.

The Group was the result of a merger between two very long-established family dealerships: Chris Tallis Farm Machinery in Evesham, and Alexander and Duncan in Leominster.

The merger that brought together TAG was the idea of the two men who now head up the Group. Ben Tallis from Chris Tallis Farm Machinery, and Simon Amos who’s family owned Alexander and Duncan.

The new Group offers the best of both worlds. Our larger scale makes us one of the UK’s largest John Deere dealerships and allows us to share the keenest prices. But we are still the family businesses we always were so you can expect the same care, response, and friendly help.

How have things changed in the business or what you sell in that time?

Things have changed dramatically since Alexander and Duncan started in 1882 and John Deere himself made his first self-scouring plough back in 1837, which was the start of his business and the now John Deere Corporation. It wasn’t until 1918 that the first John Deere tractor was produced, and a lot has changed in the evolution of tractors and machinery since then.

In the 55 years of TAG selling John Deere tractors, we have seen quite a change in the Tractor portfolio and many great ranges of classic John Deere models, like the round fronted cabs of the 40 and 50 series, then the big advance in the early nineties of the 6000 Series with its unique chassis design. This range had three updates with the 10, 20 and 30 Series models, then in 2011 we saw the introduction of the R series.

The R series continues to the present and is the first range to have a completely autonomous model available in its line up in America.

What has been the most memorable moment in the business?

One of the highlights for the Narberth depot was 2019, the year Pembrokeshire was the focus county for the Royal Welsh Show. TAG became the Platinum Sponsor for the RWAS Grassland event that year which turned out to be an excellent day. The event was well organised and had perfect weather with a huge turnout.

TAG had a large demonstration plot and managed to put on a great display of working machines including mowers, balers and two self-propelled forager harvesters, which ended with us being awarded the best trade stand.

After this we were asked to help put on Pembrokeshire’s performance in the main ring for the four days of the Royal Welsh Show. This performance celebrated farming through the ages with singers, dancers, horses, steam engines and modern farm machinery all taking their part in front of the crowds. We were delighted and very proud to have our John Deere Forage harvester, tractor and mowers all performing in front of Royalty.

What is your unique selling point?

For TAG and John Deere our most unique point must be our Precision Ag Technology. John Deere is at the forefront of the Ag technology business. They are the only tractor manufacturer who develops, manufactures, and sells their own systems.

These systems can come fully integrated into all John Deere machines, and offer basic guidance and steering through to full auto-steer, field mapping and data collection, managed in the John Deere Operations Centre App on your smart phone, tablet, or desktop. This precision technology offers many unique features including:

Autotrac Automation: for tractor autonomy.

Data Sync: to allow instant sharing of guidance lines and set up data between machines and phones.

Implement guidance: adjustment of the implement on the tractor to ensure precise implement line.

HarvestLab NRI sensors: allowing high speed analysis of crop and slurry constituents so you know what you are harvesting and what you are spreading in real time. HarvestLab will also measure Protein % in grain.

TAG back all this technology up with its own in-house TAG TECH Precision Ag department, consisting of 6 fully trained and experienced specialists with shared experience in combines, foragers, sprayers, tractors, and manure sensing.

This team give expert advice on what technology would suit each business and the benefits to the business. They also carry out installation, setup, training, optimisation, and on-going product support to the precision technology that businesses invest in.

Machine optimisation saves time, fuel, seed and fertiliser, while reducing ground compaction, parts wear and more.

Data collection of yield and yield maps, application rates and areas for records, fuel reports and machine utilisation, crop constituents for yield and quality reports ensures that our customers are making factual data driven decisions for their business.

What is your involvement within the community?

As a company committed to the local community, we endeavour to support wherever we can.

This year we have attended many of the local agricultural shows across our region, priding ourselves in putting on a good display of machines to view and giving a great welcome from our friendly staff.

We have also had two very successful open days this year at our two newly opened sites at Llanllwni and Allscott, allowing our customers in these new areas to gain further insight into our business.

We also work closely with the local YFC groups and have arranged open evenings in several of our depots allowing the future of our industry to come in and see what we do. The most recent of these events was at Narberth, with both Fishguard and Llys y Fran YFC clubs being given a presentation on our business and a glimpse into the future of Autonomous Tractors.

During the tour we walked around our range of John Deere tractors and Kramer telehandlers, and to finish the evening we gave a live demonstration of the John Deere TAG TECH Precision Agriculture Guidance Systems and “One Click Go” machine set up by our Narberth Precision Ag Specialist Martin Phillips.

Have you completed any recent fundraising activities?

We are proud to support local charities and fundraising for good causes. If you follow our Facebook page you will see we have been attending Tractor runs, Growing Moustaches for Movember and hosting coffee mornings for many charities like We Are Farming Minds, Testicular Cancer, Dementia and many more. We also sponsor local Rugby Teams and love to support events run by many of our customers.

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The six TAG depots are based in Evesham, Kemble, Leominster, Narberth, Allscott and Llanllwni.

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