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"The larger machines, coupled with the increased use of GPS and precision instruments, allow farmers to work a lot more efficiently in a time where labour can be scarce and expensive."

Yn y rhifyn yma o gylchlythyr Agri Trader, ry’n ni’n darganfod mwy am gwmni Agripro Services o Delerddig, Llanbrynmair.

“Ry’n ni’n gwmni cyfeillgar a theg sydd ond yn gwerthu peiriannau mae gennym ni hyder ynddyn nhw ac ry’n ni bob tro’n barod i fod yn onest os nad ydyn ni’n teimlo bod teclyn yn addas ar gyfer rhyw ddefnydd.  Dy’n ni ddim yn gwerthu er mwyn gwerthu.”

In this month’s newsletter we find out some more about Agripro Services in Telerddig, Llanbrynmair, Powys.  

Name of Business: Agripro Services Ltd

Contact: Dylan Owen – 07985 754122 /



What do you do? 
We sell new and used farm machinery, parts and service, as well as firewood processing implements.

When was the business started and by whom? 
The business was started in 2017 by myself. 

How did the business start? 
I started in the machinery industry in 2005 at dealer level before moving on to work as UK product specialist for a large machinery manufacturer. I was still involved with the family farm on evenings and weekends while I was working away, but I moved back when my father passed away after a short illness.  I still wanted to be part of the machinery trade so I started Agripro Services Ltd to keep my hand in the machinery industry. My contacts in agriculture allowed the business to grow very quickly, so now it takes up all of my time!

What’s been the biggest change in the business or biggest change in what you sell during that time?
 The machines that we sell just seem to be getting bigger and bigger. Tractors with more power and capacity are being bought. This means that the machinery that can attach to the back (and front) is a lot bigger. The larger machines, coupled with the increased use of GPS and precision instruments, allow farmers to work a lot more efficiently in a time where labour can be scarce and expensive.

What’s the best thing about the brand you sell? 
Our main franchise is Kuhn Farm Machinery. They produce a huge range of top quality machinery for every area of agriculture, including grassland, soil, fertilizer and feeding.   Rather than having machines coming from multiple manufacturers, the ‘one stop shop’ allows us to be associated with just one main brand for the majority of farmers’ needs, allowing a more focused attitude toward sales, parts stocking, and better understanding of service issues.

Best advice you’ve ever received?  I was once told to focus on the 1% improvements. They very soon add up to more than trying (and failing) to take too big a step in one go. 
Also, I always try to remember that motivation is only wanting to do something. Discipline is what gets it done!! 

What has been the most memorable sale you’ve made / moment in the business? 
There have been a few good ones, but I think the most memorable sale I have made since starting the business was to sell 2 balers, a baler/wrapper combination and a standard round baler to the same contractor from North Wales in one go. 
Having said that, all sales are important. Nobody owes me a living, and I appreciate every sale.

What’s the funniest/strangest question a customer has ever asked you? 
To be honest, the vast majority of farmers are very clued up on what they are talking about regarding machinery, but I was once asked by a small holder that had moved from the city, after how many seasons did his new topper need greasing? I told him every day before he used it! I threw in a grease gun and a few cartridges to save any hassle later on!!

What would you say to potential customers about why they should come to you? 
You will always find Agripro Services Ltd to be a friendly and fair place to do business. We only sell machines that we are confident in, and are always ready to advise if we think that a machine is not right for a particular application. We do not ‘Sell for Selling’s Sake’.

What are the most exciting developments to come in agricultural machinery in the next few years? 
In this time of increasing costs and tighter margins for farmers, I think that we will be seeing a lot more focus on machines that not only increase labour productivity, but also make the most of what is already there. Not just more accurate spreaders and precision farming, but we could see more ‘back to basics’ ideas such as soil aerating and weed harrows that can make a massive difference.

Any interesting/innovative/ new machines arriving with in the coming weeks or months? 
Watch this space!! We are in the process of looking into producing some of our own machines. It’s early days yet, but something will happen over the next twelve months.

What’s your best buy in this month’s Agri Trader? 
Kuhn 3570M Straw Bedder / Silage Feeder – Old price machine.


See what machines Agripro have available at AgriTrader.

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