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Emyr Evans Tractor Display
This month we head to north Wales to discover more about Emyr Evans a’i Gwmni which has depots in both Gaerwen, Anglesey and Denbigh, Vale of Clwyd. Gwynedd Evans, Company Director & Gaerwen Branch Manager answers our questions.

Mis yma, i ni yng Ngogledd Cymru yn darganfod mwy am Emyr Evans a’i gwmni, sydd â safleoedd yng Ngaerwen, Sir Fôn ac yn Ninbych, Dyffryn Clwyd.


Name of Business: Emyr Evans a’i Gwmni Cyf

Contact: Gaerwen – 01248 421900 / Denbigh – 01745 812333



Instagram: emyr_evans_tractors


What do you do? 

Rydym yn gwerthu Peirianwaith Amaethyddol newydd ac ail-law ar draws Gogledd Cymru a thu hwnt…yr hyn sy’n gwneud ni’n unigryw yw’r ystod o frandiau, cynnyrch a gwasanaethau gallwn eu cynnig yn yr ardal hon.

We are an Agricultural Machinery Dealership supplying New and Used machinery across North Wales and further afield. We are proud to hold franchises for many industry leading manufacturers such as Massey Ferguson, JCB, Fendt, McHale, Pottinger and Bailey, whilst also being one of the largest stockists of used tractors, machinery and construction equipment in the North West and have always a vast choice of quality used equipment to choose from. We stock and supply parts for all our mainline franchises, as well as most other brands of agricultural and construction equipment, with a team of dedicated fully trained and experienced parts advisors and service technicians, who have access to all latest information and technology to minimise downtime. Our Unique Selling Point would be the range of brands, products, and services we can supply as a business within our dedicated geographical area.

When and how was the business started?   

Emyr Evans wnaeth ddechrau’r busnes ym 1986 o’r fferm deuluol ym Mhentrefoelas.

Emyr Evans established the business in 1986 from the family farm in Pentrefoelas.

Pentrefoelas Farm 1986

Emyr was a full-time hill farmer in Pentrefoelas and started trading in used tractors until acquiring the Massey Ferguson dealership for the Isle of Anglesey and Gwynedd, when the Gaerwen depot was opened in February 1996. In 2002 the area was extended to include the whole of the North Wales up to the Cheshire borders and the second depot was opened at Denbigh.

Emyr Evans Gaerwen Depot

Today we are still very much a family business. Emyr’s wife Gwenda is a key part of the business, whilst the depots are run by sons Gwynedd and Berwyn, offering a huge range of new machinery and equipment and one of the largest selections of used tractors, implements and plant in the area. The core business of buying and selling used tractors has remained a significant part of the business.

Picture Below: Emyr & Gwenda Evans

Emyr & Gwenda Evans

Heddiw mae’n parhau i fod yn fenter deuluol, gyda Gwenda, gwraig Emyr, yn ran allweddol o’r busnes, tra bod y meibion Gwynedd a Berwyn yn rhedeg y canolfannau.

Pictured Below: Left – Gwynedd Evans, Right – Berwyn Evans

Gwynedd Evans
Berwyn Evans

What’s been the biggest change in the business or biggest change in what you sell in that time?  

Technoleg yw’r newid mwyaf yn ein diwydiant dros y ddeng mlynedd ddiwethaf. 

Technology has been the biggest change within our industry over the past 10 years, with tractors and machinery developing more and more to work through GPS Guidance and ISOBUS to ensure greater accuracy in the field when operating machinery, and to reduce costs such as diesel, fertiliser, and seeds just to name a few. 

Are there members of staff who have been with you a long time?  

Mae 2 aelod staff sydd wedi bod gyda ni ers i ni agor y ganolfan yng Ngaerwen 27 mlynedd yn ôl.

We currently have 2 members of staff that have been with us since we opened the depot in Gaerwen 27 years ago, and they both still play a vital role in ensuring the best customer support is given through our parts and service department. 

What’s the best thing about the brand you sell? 

The brands that we sell in this day in age have to offer the customer a number of key factors to ensure that the day to day work is carried out with minimal issues as possible, and these key factors would be efficiency, reliability, product suitability and excellent residual values.

Best advice you’ve ever received?  

Mae’n rhaid rhoi’r gwaith fewn er mwyn gweld y canlyniadau.

The best advice I ever received was from my land lady whilst I was studying in college, and that was that you only get out what you put in. 

What has been the most memorable sale you’ve made / moment in the business?  

Gwerthu fy nhractor Massey Ferguson newydd cyntaf.

The most memorable sale that I made was selling my first new Massey Ferguson tractor. This was a 4345 to Rhyd y Defaid, Trefor back in December 2002 before we travelled down to the Smithfield Show in the afternoon. 

What’s the funniest/strangest question a customer has ever asked you?  

The strangest question we got asked by a customer was if we would take a horse in as a trade in against a tractor. This deal was done by my dad (Emyr) when he sold a customer a Fordson Major.

Pictured Below: The horse that Emyr took as a trade in

Y ceffyl cafodd ei gyfnewid am dractor!

The horse that Emyr took as a trade in

What would you say to potential customers about why they should come to you? 

Y nod yw darparu cynhyrchion o safon uchel, ynghyd â gwasanaeth cwsmer arbennig.

The Company’s goal was always to provide quality products backed up with excellent service to all Customers and we have invested heavily over the years to keep delivering the objective.

What are the most exciting developments to come in agricultural machinery in the next few years? 

I think the most exciting developments we are going to see come into the agricultural machinery industry will be the developments of Hydrogen powered engines. We have already seen Fendt presenting their first hydrogen powered tractor at the German Hydrogen Summit, so it will be good to see what the future holds for these new developments. 

Any interesting new machines arriving with in the coming weeks or months? 

 Our first Massey Ferguson 8S with Vario Transmission will be arriving with us at the Denbigh branch in May. This tractor is a brand-new design and concept for Massey Ferguson that has come from key customer feedback that underlines the need for comfort, ease of use, value for money, excellent reliability, intuitive and convenient controls, efficiency transmitting maximum power to the ground, 100% connectivity and the ability to work with the most demanding machinery on the market.

Pictured Below: Massey Ferguson 8S Series Tractor

Massey Ferguson 8S Series Tractor

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