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SPOTLIGHT: Royal Welsh Show

Royal Welsh Show Aerial
The time is fast approaching – only a few weeks before we all descend on Builth Wells again. We spoke to a few of our advertisers who’ll be waiting to greet you on their stands...

Mae bron a bod yn amser i’r Sioe Fawr yn Llanelwedd unwaith eto, dyma rai o’n hysbysebwyr a fydd yno…

Lely Stand 2023


Where will visitors be able to find you at the Show? 

We haven’t been given our stand number yet – keep an eye on our socials! 




What will you be exhibiting at the Show – anything new or a chance to see something demonstrated?

We will have our new show trailer there and will be showcasing the Lely June, Lely Calm, Lely Collector, Lely Vector and Lely Disco 90. Come and visit our friendly team and learn more about farm automation.  At Lely Center Wales, farming innovation is at the heart of everything we do, and our focus is delivering the most cost effective, efficient milking solutions for our customers, increasing productivity and therefore essentially increasing business profitability. 

What do you enjoy about the Show?  

The Royal Welsh is a special show for Lely Center Wales as it gives us the opportunity to catch up with existing customers and meet prospective customers from all over the country.  It is also the biggest agricultural show that we attend throughout our busy summer show season.

Storth Stand 2022


Where will visitors be able to find you at the Show?

We are always somewhere on Avenue G. Last year we were G513 – come find us, we won’t be too far away!

What will you be exhibiting at the Show – anything new or a chance to see something demonstrated?

One product that is worth seeing and will be showed working on our stand is our New Aeration system. Storth’s Slurry Aeration System is an extremely cost-effective and environmentally friendly method of keeping slurry in a uniform, consistent and pumpable state, whilst capturing the Ammonium Nitrogen content in the slurry.

The key aims of the aeration system are to:

  • Mix the slurry tank into a homogenous (consistent) mixture.
  • Increase the nitrogen value in the slurry.
  • Prevent gases (methane) escaping reducing building odour.
  • Provide a convenient mixing system for the farmer.
  • Save money long term.
  • Reduce the impact of slurry storage/mixing on climate change.


We will also have a range of scrapers, pumps, mixers, separators, storage and all application equipment on the stand.

What do you enjoy about the Show and why should visitors come and see you on the stand?

We find that the Royal Welsh Show is one of our most busy and successful shows, it’s great to attend and to be able to meet up with new and existing customers along with our dealer network. We offer cold beverages (alcoholic & non-alcoholic) on our stand so why not come along and say hello to our great team of experts, Chris, Geraint, Ceris & Ieuan 😊

Concrete Grooving Stand 2022

Concrete Grooving

Where will visitors be able to find you at the Show?

We’re always in the same spot, not far from the members centre!

What will you be exhibiting at the Show – anything new or a chance to see something demonstrated?

We’re a local family run business and the only groovers in Wales.  Farmers often come to us after a cow has gone down and they all regret not having done it sooner. We’re very much about prevention and the Show is a chance for people to come and see what we can do and to discuss their individual needs.  Getting the right size grooves also makes all the difference and we believe we do this.  It’s always good to catch up with existing customers too – and sometimes seeing us at the Show reminds them that they need work done! 

What do you enjoy about the Show?

As a business with customers all over the country it’s so nice to see people face to face, it’s so much more personal.  It’s such an important week for the rural Welsh community and it’s lovely to be there in the middle of it.  We stay at a local hotel – I like a nice meal and proper bed after a long day!  But there’s something special about the Royal Welsh, there’s nothing else quite like it!

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