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SPOTLIGHT: Brian Llewelyn

Brian Llewelyn Yard Today
This month, we are in the small village of Eglwyswrw, north Pembrokeshire, meeting Sian from our advertiser, Brian Llewelyn a’i Ferched, a landmark petrol station and country stores at the foot of the Preseli Mountains.

Y mis hon rydym yn Eglwyswrw, gogledd Sir Benfro, yn cwrdd â Sian o fusnes adnabyddus Brian Llewelyn a’i Ferched ar droed mynydd y Preseli.  

Name of Business: Brian Llewelyn a’i Ferched



When and how did the business start?  

Ym 1976 pan brynodd Dad hen fan Dodge i fynd o fferm i fferm yn gwerthu nwyddau fyddai’n handi ar y ffarm.

The business was started by my father, Brian Llewelyn, in 1976.  He bought an old Dodge van and filled it with things that would be handy on the farm – scythes, spanners, hammers, sharpening knives, wellingtons, mice traps and poison, tea sets and a lot more – and went from farm to farm.

Spotlight Brian Llewelyn Yard 1976
Who is now involved with the business? 

Busnes teuluol yw e o hyd – gyda’r holl deulu yn ran ohonno fe a dweud y gwir.

The business is still family run.  My father, Brian Llewelyn, has now semi-retired but still does the books and the IAE ordering. The daily running of the business is done by me, Sian, his youngest daughter, with the help of Simon, my husband and Steffan, my son. Mark and Rhian, my brother-in-law and sister, are also crucial in the daily running of the business.

Mr Brian Llewelyn
What’s been the biggest change in what you do and sell over the years? 

Y newid mwyaf oedd symud o Grymych i’r safle yn Eglwyswrw – a chael gorsaf betrol yn ogystal!

The biggest change in the business was moving premises from the rectory, Fron Drygarn, Crymych to Penfro, Eglwyswrw in 1978. The agricultural side of the business was expanding, and we needed a bigger yard – but now we had a Petrol Station as well at Penfro.

How important is a store like yours in this rural area of Pembrokeshire?  

Mae’n bwysig iawn i gael busnesau annibynnol mewn ardal wledig.  Ry’n yn gofalu am ein cwsmeriaid ac yn gwneud ein gorau drostyn nhw.  Hebddyn nhw fydde ddim busnes, wedi’r cyfan.

It is very important to have independent businesses in the rural areas, the same as farmers.  As a family business we care about our customers and strive to give them the best service, because without them we wouldn’t have a business. We are the custodians of tradition and our unique language and we’re all part of the patchwork quilt that is rural life.  This is where we were born and bred and hopefully Brian Llewelyn a’i Ferched will carry on for many generations to come in Pembrokeshire.

Eglwyswrw Forecourt
At this time of year what sells most?  

Mae bach o bopeth yn gwerthu drwy’r flwyddyn gyfan – ond gyda’r tywydd yn gwella, bydd y deunydd silwair a ffenso yn gwerthu’n dda.  

A bit of everything sells all year round with us, but we are in the season of silage, and we are one of the largest independent sellers of silage sheets in Wales. Also, the dry weather means opportunity for fencing, and we sell a lot of Permapost fencing posts which have a 15 year guarantee – we have been selling Permapost since 1976, nearly 50 years of proven quality long life fencing!  

Best advice you’ve ever received?

“Cau pob iet a chadw pob drws ar agor”

Father – Brian Llewelyn – was in Haverfordwest mart many, many years back. He was having a cup of tea with Syd Davies BOCM rep, and Syd told him, “Close every gate and leave every door open.”

What has been the most memorable sale you’ve made?

Mae Dad yn cofio gwerthu ei ‘pressure washer’ cyntaf yng Nghapel Bangor ym 1976…I fi, gwerthu offer trin gwartheg i Irac oedd y sêl mwyaf cofiadwy!

The most memorable sale for Brian Llewelyn was selling his first pressure washer in September 1976. It was a Nixon Mini blast 500psi, sold to Llwyn Iorwerth, Capel Bangor.  Later on, that day he sold another two to farms in the Gwaun Valley.

The most memorable sale I have had was selling cattle handling equipment to a customer in Iraq.  We put it all on a pallet, Frenni Transport picked it up from us and delivered it to a warehouse near Heathrow to be loaded on to an Arab Cargo flight.

What would you say to potential customers about why they should come to you?

I ni’n fusnes teuluol sy’n wybodus am y cynnyrch ry’n ni’n ei werthu, ry’n ni gystadleuol o ran pris ac ry’n ni’n ceisio cynnig gwasanaeth o’r radd gyntaf.

We are a family firm, and we care about our customers. We are knowledgeable with the products we sell. We carry stock, so it’s with the customer in a few days or less. We are always competitive on price, and we strive to give first class service.

Any interesting/innovative new products arriving in the coming weeks or months?  

Mae Steffan wedi creu cit newydd digidol i bwyso defaid.

Steffan has produced a kit that will turn your old manual sheep weighing crate to a digital weighing crate for less than £200.00.

The AG-fit range of gates by IAE are remarkable, not only in concept, but the build quality is outstanding.

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