The McHale Fusion 4 Plus is a fully automatic integrated baler wrapper which can apply film or net wrap to the barrel of the bale, delivering optimum bale shape and bale density. The Fusion 4 Plus can provide high quality fodder through the use of the film binding system, resulting in better silage quality and easier feed out.
The machine is equipped with a patented bale transfer system and a vertical wrapping ring. These two McHale patents deliver maximum output whilst keeping the machine short and compact at 5.8 metres in length. The machine is equipped with a 25 knife-chopping unit and uses ISOBUS software.
 Film Binding
The concept of putting film on the barrel of the bale is known as “Film binding technology.” The plastic, which is applied to the barrel of the bale forms an additional layer of wrap across the largest surface of the bale, whilst also binding the bale together.
The film which is applied to the barrel of the bale can be stretched according to the manufacturers recommendations which is a higher ratio than can be achieved with net wrap. This additional layer of film on the barrel of the bale provides higher quality silage as the film can be stretched more than net. This in turn, expels more air, resulting in better silage quality.
By using film to bind the bale together, removal and recycling of the film is made easier as the farmer is only left with one form of waste to recycle and can avoid the unpleasant and time consuming job of separating net from the plastic.
 Patented Bale Transfer
When the bale is bound in the bale chamber, the bale chamber splits horizontally. As the top section of the bale chamber moves up, the lower section of the bale chamber simultaneously moves up and out, transferring the bale onto the wrapping platform.

 Control Terminals
The McHale Fusion 4 Plus is fitted with ISOBUS as standard. For customers without an ISOBUS tractor, an optional ISO-PLAY 7 or ISO-PLAY 12 terminal can be used. Through the ISOBUS tractor’s terminal or McHale’s ISO-PLAY terminals, the operator is provided with clear indicators of machine performance and allows for increased levels of monitoring, through the graphic display.

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