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The DPJ Foundation

The DPJ Foundation was set up in July 2016 following the tragic passing of Daniel Picton-Jones, to support people in the agricultural industry suffering from poor mental health.

Hanna Lewis
Introducing Hanna ‘Eiddon’ Lewis

Here at AgriTrader, we want to hear perspectives from all different walks of life in the farming world. We’re excited to welcome a fresh face to our writing team, Hanna Lewis. This month she introduces herself and tells us about her background within the farming industry.

The Agri Trader logo drawn in the sand
Sand Drawing at Mwnt

So just before Christmas, we headed to Mwnt, a secluded, sandy beach north of Cardigan…it was ‘brisk’ (remember that icy spell? Yes, it was then), but it was empty, and perfect for etching the Agri Trader logo in the sand.